TFD Induction Power Supply

The TFD induction power supply is the second generation of transistorized power supplies.

Optimized for performance

The performance of the TFD induction power supply series tuned output circuit is easily matched to the working load by selecting the appropriate output tapping and amount of capacitance built into the converter to suit the required induction coil configuration. This optimization of performance allows the TFD to deliver full power and maximum efficiency operating at, or close to, the natural resonance of the external working circuit. During converter operation, panel mounted digital meters continuously display power (kW), frequency (kHz), output current and voltage.

Critical running parameters are continually monitored, and if fault conditions are detected, the converter automatically shuts down. Status indication and matching assistance is provided by front panel LEDs. These signals are readily available for interface with an external host system to provide diagnostic facilities.

Robust Design is Critical

Radyne TFD Induction Power Supply

The TFD induction power supply is designed to match multi-turn coils (400-2000 V) that are used for multi-turn hardening or tempering, tube heating, crystal growing, wire and

strip heating and many other induction heating applications.

With built-in load tuning capacitors and multi-tap outpu

t isolation transformers, a variety of heating coils can be matched for full power operation over a range of load conditions. Allowing for standalone or ensemble operation, TFD power supplies cabinets are designed to accommodate a variety of fixtures, conveyors, and part handling machines. The system is designed to sweep from high frequency to low frequency, an inherently safer operation that greatly reduces the chance of failure by preventing large spikes of power upon initial start-up.


The TFD induction power supply is equipped with the intuitive, high speed Digital-iQ™ control platform. Specific to Radyne equipment and built for quick and simple usability, the Digital-iQ™ controls provide advanced communication, control, and programming features to achieve unbeatable accuracy. The Digital iQ™ controllers utilize technology that is 100% digital and ramps from 0-100% of rated power in under 500 microseconds. The Digital iQ™ controllers also offer advanced communication, control, and programming features in multiple frequency ranges for additional ease of use.

Each unit can be operated by direct manual controls on the unit, programmed via an internal digital controller, by a programmable logic controller, or from a remote control box. The companion Digital iQ™ controls for desktop allows operators to remotely connect, control, and monitor a TFD unit. Able to monitor and graph multiple data sources on the remote unit allows for precise monitoring of process parameters. Processing the Digital-iQ™ controller data is simple as graphs and tables are printable, and tabulated data is exportable as excel workbooks.

Multi-level password protection secures data and can easily be created using the digital interface.

TFD Induction Power Supply Advantages:

  • Flexible operation over a wide range of heating loads
  • Operating conversion efficiency up to 95%
  • Latest IGBT technology and lower device count
  • Simplified, fully self-protecting power design
  • Front panel control and status indicators
  • Higher reliability, reduced spare part requirement

Inductotherm Group Products



Connections USB Port
Emergency Stop
Digital iQ™
Circuit breaker
PLC Port
USB Port
Ethernet Port
Water Drain Port
Water Feed Port
Lockable Door Panel
Operating System Digital iQ™ Real Time Monitoring
Water Temp In, Out
Coil Return Water Temp
Water Flow Rate
AC Input Current
DC Buss Voltage & Current
Internal Humidity Measurement
Dew point Calculation
Inverter Current and Coil Voltage
PLC connectivity
Multiple language support
2 GB Storage
Safety Emergency Stop button
Door interlocked disconnect switch and fast-acting semiconductor-type fuses
External, inlet and outlet cooling water pressure gauges
Water pressure differential and manual reset temperature switches on each water circuit.
Input line disconnect with UVR
Service & Support 24-7 technical support and service
TFN/TFD training seminars*
Upgrades External PLC
Warranty 12 month limited warranty
Extended warranty*

*Available for purchase


Tech Specs

Small Cabinet
Medium Cabinet
Large Cabinet
 Power 50 – 100 kW 200 – 300 kW 300 – 600 kW
Frequency 3, 10, 30 or 50 kHz
Line Voltage 240 VDC or 480 VDC
Dimensions 36.00 x 30.00 x 76.00 in.
[914.4 x 762 x 1930.4 mm]
72.00 x 36.00 x 90.00 in.
[1828.8 x 514.6 x 914.4 mm]
90.00 x 36.00 x 90.00 in.
[2286 x 914.4 x 2286 mm]
Input Line Voltage 240 VDC or 480 VDC
Input Requirement 62-186 kVA 250-375 kVA 375-745 kVA